1. Your life is limited by who you are as an individual, and that can be proven by your present circumstances.

The problem most people fail to realize is that you cannot really change who you are. You can tell based on your present circumstances, how you choose to live your life, who you associate yourself with, the choices you make, and how you conduct yourself, that there is no changing the root of your actuality. In other words how you act, look, and dress is a direct reflection of the inner workings of your mind, or that is what most would think. You can switch up your lifestyle, behaviour, and design all you want by putting up a front and behaving obsequiously, doing things you would normally never do just so you can try and blend in.

What you’ll find however, is that at the end of it all, the real you, the short-sighted and trivial subservient self is all you’ll ever be and that you are actually incapable of change. You may find pleasure or satisfaction in rebelling against your very nature, but the situation we find ourselves in, whether we were born into it or it was self-made, the foundation that made us that determines who we will set out to become, cannot be changed and will ultimately determine our future and utter demise. You will sometimes find that no matter how hard you try, you somehow always end up back in the same situation you found yourself in once before.

2. Everyday life is not a new adventure.

Once in a while you find wonderful, happy, and exciting new things to be learned, experienced, and discovered all in a single course of the day. You could meet your partner for life, change jobs or get promoted, make new friends, travel to new and exotic places, finally seeing results at the gym, coming up with life-changing ideas, and so much more can happen in a span of 24 hours. If that is the case however, the opposite must also hold true. If so much good can happen in a span of one day, there is probably just as much, if not more misery to be experienced.

For instance, you can catch your partner in the act of cheating and you now enjoy the objectionable thrill of being a cuckold. You could get fired/laid off from your job, you could quit your job thinking that there is more to your life than what it currently is to pursue something meaningful to you, only to find out it wasn’t worth it at all. You can find that you’ve suffered from a sports injury, or an accident that makes it even harder to live or you come down with a incurable disease. Or you find that your friends aren’t really your friends, and when you need a shoulder to lean on, that there isn’t anybody by your side when you could really use somebody.

What I am trying to convey here is that in a single day, you might find a few good things that make life more awesome as they say, but it doesn’t matter because you just got fucked over even harder. You need to realize that your life is just one continuous, never-ending struggle and you will find that there will never be a problem free moment in your life. You say if there isn’t any problems then life isn’t worth living… well how many times do you tell yourself otherwise when push comes to shove? As you fall more into your despair, you’ll notice that you get an odd somatic sensation of acute discomfort from being oppressed.

3. Life is filled with needless pain and suffering.

This brings me to my last reason. Life is a painful journey no matter how you look at it. People, more often than others, go through a series of trial and error their whole life, never realizing that all the time and effort spent into something went to waste. We have no choice but to wait until everything comes crashing down for us to realize that what we did was questionable. Taking guidance from others does not help, because until we do that thing we’ve never done, those are just empty words that hold no value at the end of the day. Perhaps you always thought in the back of your mind something wasn’t a good idea, but you do it anyway, standing there taking piss to the face, not realizing how much damage and harm is being taken in.

Even the pleasurable things in life, such as romance, love, porn, over-nourishment, these things that feel good, we don’t even feel the toll it has on us causing confusion, difficulties, and torment down the road. It feels good at that moment, but the effect it has on us subconsciously is detrimental, and in this day and age we see it as normal, natural, and okay, confusing it for what is actually prevalent, familiar, and common in our society. Common does not mean normal, but because we see things in that light, we suggest that there is nothing wrong with doing that, and that it is perfectly okay. It is not only ourselves that we are hurting because of stupid decisions, but others as well. Every action we take, how we choose to live our life, everything comes with a cost.

For us to realize that something is wrong, that change needs to take place, somebody needs to get die, get hurt, or suffer some other consequence, otherwise we would never realize that the constitution we followed and have grown accustomed to isn’t working. Without needless death, pain, and pointless suffering, if others hadn’t paid the price of their life or well-being, we would not have gotten to where we are today, where our society and well-being relies on others to pay the price, to sacrifice them in order to advance in society and keep what is unduly ours.