1. You are always throwing your day’s away, time you cannot get back for something you believe to hold true to you.

This can be relationships, jobs, or your passions. It can help to think that with each passing failure, that through your hardships, loss, pain and suffering, that you somehow come out stronger than ever before. Nevertheless, this agony that is a part of you and all you’ve suffered in the name of experience and lessons learned, is really just time you can never get back, things that you simply can’t overcome and will have to deal with for the rest of your life. Love, happiness, and comfort is all temporary as it requires maintenance, work, and time. The moment you turn your head, everything goes to hell. Everything in your life needs undivided attention, and when you slip or let go a little bit, the consequence hits you harder than ever before. Pain, misery, and hardship will always be trailing behind you, and if you let life take its natural course and enjoy your life for what it is, you will lose everything you hope to keep or ever accomplish.

2. No one of significance in your life is truly there for you.

Friends come and go, people drift apart overtime, and the love you hold has an expiry date. No one can fully understand one another because people are so twisted and derange on the inside that we have to hide our true selves from others. That is if our mouths spoke what was running through our minds, we would all be under lock and key, and this applies to everyone because we are all twisted, sick people. In this world, it is a free-for-all because at the end of the day and eventually when you die, it is just you by yourself. Family and friends are more than willing and able to throw each other under the bus if push ever comes to shove because they are self-absorbed. As much as it is true that we are social animals making us seek out communication, comfort, and a sense of unity with others, human selfishness precedes all. We always, first and foremost, look after ourselves, and what’s in our best interest, even if that means subjecting or taking advantage of others to get what we want. No matter how menial it may be or whoever has to suffer, or how much pain and damage is inflicted, we would be willing to turn our heads the other way pretending it never happened.

Everything and everyone is just another means to an end, meaning to advance in life, we need to utilize others for our own purpose, disregarding them until they have fulfilled their usage. Cooperation is the first step, and afterwards is betrayal, and that is how we live our daily lives without even realizing it. On a larger scale, that is how our civilization came to be. By oppressing other nations and groups of people, we are able to live lavish, comfortable lifestyles. We rely on other people’s misfortune in order to maintain and upgrade what it is we have. It is incredible what humans have done, and are still continuously doing, creating enterprises off the suffering and misfortune of others. As we watch through our news sources, commenting, discussing about things we will never understand or have to witness, we still go on about our life, living everyday as if it were our last in this apologetic, regretful society as if we know everything.

3. With each passing new experience, with each new love you find in this life, the pleasure and excitement that we once knew, that new feeling that fills the heart with happiness eventually dies down.

Everything from the first time, from then on becomes a watered-down version of what it once was, until there is nothing left to feel. All we have left to do is reminisce about the past, and to try and reclaim that moment in life and how it felt the first time around. Much like the first reason as I mentioned, pain and suffering gets worse and worse with each new attempt or venture. It may seem like we are overcoming the burden we suffer, but a part of our soul dies each and every time we are let down by life. That is because you give a piece of yourself to the things you love most or hold true to you, and what you think is you getting over the pain once your betrayed, is your heart becoming more and more numb, and your thoughts becoming more paranoid and cynical. The argument most people put forth is that one should switch things up in life, that there is always something new in this world to experience.

The problem with sticking your finger in every asshole is that there is no meaning or value in doing that. The smallest things in life, hold an infinite amount of meaning. Anything and everything is infinitely interesting, there is no way to figuring out something to its absolute certainty, as there is always something new to learn. The question is where do we even begin, and where do we end? Are we to dwell or obsess about a few things in life or are we to wander around, jumping from one thing to the next, absorbing anything and everything around us? A life with no real direction or focus, or dedicating yourself to a few aspects only to be disappointed and unsatisfied at the end of the road, is a gamble we all take. As humans, we take everything to the extreme, never finding that sweet spot that makes it all worth fighting for, and the void just keeps getting bigger. The only release is death itself, the sooner you reach it the sooner you can get this life you have over and done with.