From time to time, we tell ourselves and others just how awesome we are, that we’re all awesome together, but just think for a moment how it is we managed to have been born and come this far considering who and what we are comprised of. That out of the millions of sperm in your father’s sack, you were the best of the bunch, and now after all these years, all you managed to become is grown up sperm. It is nothing to be proud of, nor do you deserve a congratulations. Life comes every too often, more than it should, making your birth seem like just another extra. Just as people can bestow upon you your “awesomeness”, so too can it be taken away. Here you idiots will find a few reasons why you are not awesome.

Your existence alone is nothing short of a mistake

Your life and birth is not a miracle, trillions of other lives and different lifeforms have come before you and even more in the future. How wonderful is it to think that your parents decided to have a quick fuck and boom! 9 months later out you came, just how incredible is that? Whatever it is you are is the universe experimenting, manifesting as time goes on. Even though you are something unworthy of possessing the relevance of having been given breath, you have been given so because of the error of life.

Just as you are a mere cluster of cells, so is every animal, and so is every organism. You are just an aftermath, a by-product of two people humping each other for the pleasure of sex. Take away the pleasures of sex, and you would not have been given the opportunity to be be born. Human civilization would have been extinct long ago, where you wouldn’t be able to make a fool of yourself and a mockery to the existence of life.

Your just another life passing through

The majority of your time spent on earth is used towards just swallowing up resources, keeping your mind and body nourished, consuming and expelling waste back into earth. From the time you are born, up until your first job, and from retirement until you are dead, all you do is eat and shit, never giving back to the world. Your usefulness, utility margin, and relevancy before and after adulthood is of little to no value because you are inadequate to be of any service. The amount of food and resources that you consumed, and the amount of waste that is expelled from you alone, your utility margin at any point in life will never repay back what it is you took and destroyed. We never live out our usefulness, and almost always take more than we can give.

The only time you are of serviceability and productivity is in the midst of your life, a small percentage of adulthood when you are put to work, and that only goes to people whose job is directly related to bettering the world, because truth be told, 95% of us have jobs that really aren’t constructive if you think about it. We all have valueless jobs that don’t make a difference or help foster the change we need to see in the world. These jobs hold no real value in bettering how we live our lives, but for the sake of increasing profits and job creation because of over-population, we create enterprises based off of useless, technological inventions that are nothing short of silliness adding to the dulling effect on the mind, increasing our obtuseness and sluggishness, into a weak, and brittle species.

You have nothing new to offer to the world or those around you

There are over 7 billion people overpopulating this planet, and there are billions of others just like you that are just living to die. There are only so many things this world has to offer where there are millions of things you can do, and thousands more being created every day. The problem however, is that there can only be so much we can experience in this lifetime. Humans have the same interests, desires, goals, many things that make us more usual and ordinary than we would like it to seem. Humans lack originality, we always seek to imitate and follow, never having a truly creative, free moment, only claiming the ideas we have and the actions we take to be our very own.

Although there may not be someone exactly out there that is like you with the exact same looks with the exact same thoughts and the exact same perspective, etc, whether it is because they can’t do it as well as you or because they can do it better than you, people make it seem like it makes the world of a difference. Although the specifics that make us who we are cannot be 100% paralleled to another, it is the fact that because everybody else has the same relevance, we really don’t have our own unique expression of life.

This mentality makes people feel unique or special about themselves when there really is nothing to be proud of, making terrible, stupid people feel unique and “awesome”.  Just like how the world is filled with scumbags, no one can quite be the scumbag you are. In other words, no two pieces of shits are the same. Just because they are a little bit different, inherently they are the same. They all have different rumps and bumps, sizes and smell, but a shit is still a shit at the end of the day.

There will always be minor differences, but our overall makeup, how easily we’re dyed a different color or manipulated by greater forces, determine who we are, and a lot of us are trapped in this illusion of authenticity and free will. Everything comes from somewhere, nothing of ours is of our own creation, slightly modified but never truly ours. Don’t sleep tonight and just think about that even if for a moment.