Our approach.

This rotten site is the first of its kind, an insincere take on the human condition. At Knuckled Under, our mission is to take a jab at all the motivational squealers who attempt to empower, motivate, and push people beyond their normal, pitiful existence, those who try to see the good in people. Here, we do the exact opposite, reducing people to what they truly are. By some unequivocal reasoning, we have this optimism or confidence that there is still some prospect for us to restore our faith in humanity, random acts of kindness, the good and small, simple things in life that we feel are most important in keeping our faith intact. But the fact of the matter remains that the majority of people are just a blistered infection in the grand scheme, and unfortunately, no amount of genuine love, kindness, or affection is going to repair the flawed substance of our empty and pitiful existence. On this site you will find the fear, uncertainty, and ambiguity that has been stuck in the back of your mind into self-realization.

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