B r e a k a b l e: How Powerless You Really Are

You don’t get in life what you want, but most of all, you don’t get what it is you are.

Truth be told, you can be the hardest, most dedicated worker in the world and still not be as successful as you envisioned. If everything in this life is about the story you are telling yourself, who you believe you are, then that is you telling yourself that you are beyond who and what it is you actually are, despite what the world makes you out to be. If you live a disappointing life, you can’t make yourself just believe that it is somehow great and that you are here for some divine purpose, because ultimately you are setting yourself up for an even harder life. Failure is very real, it is not an illusion, and it is not simply a learning experience or a stepping stone for greatness.

The unfortunate thing is that one mishap, one failure can mean the end of it all and everything you stand for. Sometimes failure is too big, and people underestimate the power of failure. I am not talking about a time you were racing competitively, and you tripped and twisted your ankle in a race, then got back up despite the pain and heartache of losing. I’m talking about ruining your life and those you care about around you. I’m talking about ruining the lives of others and never being able to pick up the pieces, and doing damage that is far from recovering from.

You can’t restore how things were once before, that when you go too far, there is no turning back. Just like how you can do a million good things In your life, but one bad counteracts it, so does failure. One failure is powerful enough to stop the world, and life itself. If failure is all in your mind, even though you fucked everything up in the process, if you managed to convince yourself that what you did and what it is that happened was all part of your personal growth, that the loss around you was integral to your development and it was necessary, then that makes you quite the fool.

How is it we are able to live with ourselves, to believe in us knowing all the bad things we’ve done, and all the times we’ve failed? We tell ourselves what we did was the right thing, and if you say it to yourself enough times, one day you will actually start to believe in your own hypnosis. At least by trying to convince yourself that things happen for a reason or by some shot in the dark everything will somehow work out, that failure is necessary and a learning process, that we are indeed better off this way.

Wanting something badly enough, desire, ambition, effort, doesn’t mean you will become it. To say to someone else that they are destined for greatness is the most ignorant thing you can say to another. We should not prepare someone for a more hopeful and prospectful future because they may very well never have one. We prepare others with motivation and words of encouragement that they will prosper in a hard and competitive world, where we really should be preparing people for the difficult life that is ahead of them.

We do not learn from failure, it is just that we know better after pain and suffering. Everything you go through does not make you stronger, it makes one go through life believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity, becoming more cautious, suspicious of whether certain things will happen or whether it is worthwhile. When you are left betrayed with a broken heart and a black soul after you’ve given people and the world everything your worth, how can you ever hope to impact this world in a greater way? I want you to choose to step into your greatness, and to never ever give up, but we all have our breaking point, and our victory, the very reason we choose to go on fighting, is only there for a brief moment. People are not in the fight for the battle itself, it is to win, because to win means to survive and to have actually beaten life. You want to make it seem like it the struggle is why you’re doing something, the daily test that makes life worth living for. But remember that you can’t struggle forever, and eventually you need to see the results of your test manifest.

You are nothing until the world sees you that way, just like how you can’t give yourself a nickname, it must be given to you, you can’t simply be. It must be bestowed upon you from the world. You can step into character all you want, but you can’t play make-believe when it comes down to who you really are and what you can actually do. You can tell yourself all you want that you are powerful and strong, but you have to give into the fact that you are indeed breakable.

The world no longer relies on people working hard. What people want most in life is to be successful, to have it all with putting in as little effort as possible. We have entire industries built on people doing just that and exceeding maximum profits, ranging from youtubers and bloggers, to motivational speakers, to people playing games and flying drones “professionally”. Being comfortable can pay off, where hard work, consistency and dedication no longer helps you reach success. It all comes down luck and chance, who you know, and the timing. Timing is everything, whether you are the first to profit off a trend or make money monetizing on things that don’t deserve an income, and who is there to watch you and when you do so. Whether or not you have a good skill or any skill that is really of no benefit to the world other than to appeal to unintelligent people, if people are willing to take time out of their day to watch you, or you have a good face or body, then you are one step above the rest.

Sometimes, we get what we don’t deserve. Sometimes we get more, and other times we get less. The ones at the top, who have the audacity to talk about motivation and struggle truly aren’t like everybody else, because the rules you and me, the people that work and struggle, trying to get by and just live don’t apply to them. That they can do anything, and live happily ever after, while the rest of us suffer.


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