When I say you will always be in conflict with yourself, what I mean is that you lack Oneness with the universe. In other words, however which way you look at it, you are by yourself, always was and always will be. Whatever hopes and desires you may have, friends and family, those who are closest to you no matter if they have your best interests at heart, will always be the first to talk you out of something. At the end of your destination, whichever path you decide to follow, the end of the road of success is a dark and lonely road. The people you thought would always be there for you might not be anymore. The world is always out to get you no matter where your intentions lie, whether or not you are a good and noble person with a good heart, someone out there is always scheming against you.

As entertaining as it sounds, no one can rebel against the world. We are all slaves to a system, a fate 99% of us cannot escape and are born into. Our entire life is spent feeding this system, thinking we are free to go where we want and to do the things we want to do, but in reality after your vacation time is over, you are back to where you started. Throughout our life, everything we do, every minute is spent trying to resist the world in some way. The world and everyone in it is all in competition with each other, and most importantly are in conflict with yourself.

The world in this sense is not your ally. It is not there to help you succeed, it is not there to help you grow, and it is not there to make you happy. By going with the flow and being one with the universe means your ultimate demise and utter failure. Your resistance to the world is the only thing slowing down the inevitable.

By fighting back, and I mean by looking at everyone and everything as an opponent, only then can you be prosperous. You should only trust yourself, because your mind is bigger than the world, it could be as small as the room you’re in at this moment, but it could be much bigger than what is out there. Should you see the world and others for what they really are, your perspective and validity would be impartial. The world since its conception has always caused pain, misery, and suffering since the first living organisms came to be. The world relies on survival of the fittest, it relies on death, power over others, and sacrifice to evolve into eventually what and where we are today. Without it, we would not have advanced this far.

The point I am trying to make is that the world isn’t there to be your ally because the world has its own agenda. Evolution is all about creating resistance, fighting and struggling against Mother Nature, our kin, and the laws of physics. There is no real love or connections, we only seek communication to get what we want at the end of the day, whether it’s as a stepping stone, for sex, or utilizing someone for one’s own contempt. It doesn’t matter because this life is a free for all and the one thing that we all have in common is that we’re all in this fight against each other forever.