Why You Cannot Grow As a Conscious Human Being: Truth

What is truth? How do we know what it is, or if we ever do find it, how do we know it is so?  Our understanding of reality is seen through our own directive lens. In our own delusional world inside our minds, how we view things our surroundings, how we identify ourselves in the world isn’t a universal principle that applies to everyone. Otherwise truth and answers to life’s greatest questions would be obvious and encircling us. It is impossible to see reality for what it is for the one simple truth, we don’t know what reality really is.

Truth is everlasting, it is not affected by time, and it must be so in every possible universe, a principle that we cannot ever hope to understand. There is no such thing as true or false in this universe. Nothing holds to be true, and all we can do is hold on to our beliefs whether they be true or not, simply because it is all we have to go on. Everything in life is a social construct, meaning everything around us, our place and understanding of everything is dependent on contingent aspects of our social selves.

To have a belief that something must be true, means you must be confident that something must be so. It is an ideology that is a system of ideals or ideas, it is not however a fact. Our beliefs give us meaning and a reason to be happy. We must fall and live out in our own delusions, because it is the only way to get through this life. Therefore, we can only conclude that we all have fabricated beliefs, we all live meaningless lives because we have nothing to really go on other than our own aspirations which in the end, hold no true meaning.

We bullshit ourselves, may It be through our art, our love or passion for something in order to satisfy our intense desire to know, inquire, and investigate the mysteries of life. It give us false hope and meaning all in order to make sense of things we cannot otherwise describe. Life becomes too painful if we don’t bullshit ourselves to a certain degree, and without even realizing it, we do it every day.

We have these cozy little thoughts in our head, our beliefs that everything is going to be okay if we hold on to them and just believe that they will somehow carry us through, simply because they are ours to own and no one else’s.

It helps to think that we have some sort of knowledge and understanding of the world around us that nobody but a few know. That because of who we are, we are somehow special, a once in a lifetime rare breed of human somehow distinct from the batch, but in reality, are just another speck of stardust, holding on to your beliefs until they manifest itself into fruition and self-actualization.

The one thing I should say is that being a conscious human being is in the sense consciousness of one’s own humiliation, that we are who we are, and we are determined by nature and nothing can be done about it. From a biological and evolutionary standpoint, there is nothing more pointless than to be conscious. Once we become conscious, we become conscious of our lack of ability to change nature, and that we are determined by physical laws. We can rebel against this idea of nature, finding value in the act of challenging it. It is a kind of gesture or freedom, in the difference between yourself and the natural determinism in rebelling, by not being reconciled with nature.