All these motivational videos or speeches you see on YouTube or on the Internet that comes across as influential and striking to the heart are designed to amp up your emotions.

These motivational speakers and self-help gurus are nothing short of charismatic con artists. Thinking about things is not enough, your thoughts may influence you alone, but it does not change the circumstances or how the world works around you. Thinking, visualizing, and wanting is not going to help you get to where you want to get, the impossible is not possible by the thought process alone. Your self-worth is determined by a corporation, it tells you who you are and what you’re going to become, and only they can deem you worthy enough, only they allow you to be personally fulfilled and to achieve salvation, you seek truth in their judgments, and not in what you can do.

Motivational speakers who love to inspire, create, motivate, and empower others, are mostly comprised of people who never worked. People who are athletes, singers, actors, musicians, people who don’t have real jobs but entertain. These motivational speakers are all entertainers, they are not people who work horrible jobs working with horrible people, they are not accountants, they do not work in customer service, they are not people who protect our city or help those in need on the front lines, they are not beneficial or integral to the economy of our society. Their sole duty is to entertain and promote themselves, they don’t have your best interest at heart. These people have escaped the 9-5, traffic, and oppressed lifestyle that 95% of us are trapped in.

They are financially free, free from the heartache of living as a normal civilian in a system they’ve escaped from. Not everyone can fight in the ring, not everyone has a voice to sing or is a creative individual that can write, not everyone is beautiful or has a six pack abs or a big ass. Not everyone has a feature, or a skill they can expand on that can really be sold, or really help them be free from the clutches of those in power who own them. Have you ever heard of someone dreaming of working a desk job? Never! However, it is us underpaid, never appreciated, abused working class doing all the leg and paper work for these creatives, making their homes, their clothes, vehicles, doing all the dirty work for them while they have the audacity to talk about struggle and success, giving advice when they have no right to.

Can an athlete, youtuber/blogger, or entertainer for example relate to a person struggling work a dead-end job? When it comes to the latter, it becomes more about ambition or goals. When it comes to the average Joe, it is more about survival, and keeping your sanity intact. You cannot compare the struggles of someone who is successful going through the stress of success, compared to someone who isn’t successful at all and is trying to make ends meet. Just because one person made it, doesn’t mean his followers can. It only means that he got his big break, and not necessarily because he worked hard for it. Try if you will, but just because you tried to the utmost absolute degree, just because you did all you were supposed to and did what no one else ever did, doesn’t mean your effort and skill will get recognized, nor does it mean you will succeed in your endeavors.

These motivational clips only help you when you feel like giving up before crossing that finishing line. When it comes to testing your athletic or mental abilities, motivation comes in handy. What I don’t understand is people are becoming life coaches, motivational speakers, bloggers and twitter users opening their big mouth about being positive, reaching your goal, doing what you love, etc, but they are in the position and comfort level to be saying those things. It seems like those who try to empower others to physically do something, to take action to change the world for the better, aren’t doing people, or the world any favours. These people who have not overcome any true hardships, or true adversaries, have no right to tell others otherwise. Changing people’s minds does not give rise to change. Doing what we love, living out our dreams, living life to the fullest everyday as if it were our last does not benefit the world. Dating, eating, living, indulging, travelling, and doing whatever feels right to you, does not bring about positive change and living in alignment with yourself benefits no one but you.

This world is created by hard working people, people who actually have real jobs, not those bloggers, youtubers, or fitness fucks, but people who do not get to live out their dreams, people who are a slave to society and suckers to the government. These sad people who work and struggle are the reason why you creatives get to live in alignment with your soul, while they work to make that happen. Imagine if we would, that all of us just pursued our dreams, desires, or goals overnight. What If we all just stopped caring about our jobs, and just pursued what we’ve always wanted to do. By ignoring the catastrophe that you are ignorant to, by living out your dream, no one benefits but you, where our system will soon collapse. After all, someone has to fill out the paper work, somebody has to grow your fruits and vegetables, and somebody has to do all the leg work, boiling their blood so you can live your life and fuck everything else.

If you need motivation to begin with to push you, where you easily get offended or de-motivated, or you lose your focus because of something, then odds are you are not going to get very far, and you were never as committed to begin with. The magnitude of the factor that demotivates you depends on how strong your will is. After all, You can’t expect to always have emotions fuel your fire.