Life is a constant struggle against literally every aspect that encompasses your existence.

If we were to let go of the process of struggle, everything would most likely crumble to pieces and all our time, effort, and dedication would have all gone to waste. Any sustenance in our life has been because of struggle, ranging from your business, to your intelligence, your appearance, or things we come into contact with on a daily basis and care enough for. Take for instance your relationship, from the early stage onward, a lot of work is put into manifesting that relationship into something better. Down the road that relationship needs maintenance and periodic little shock-waves and sexual deviance to spice the foundation, cause if you don’t it will become a lifeless relationship and eventually it would fall apart. Dishonesty, infidelity, heartache, divorce, child custody, and alimony, the once wonderful, heartwarming thing you once had is now going to ruin you.

Trying to live a healthy, active lifestyle is the worst of it all, the biggest scam after organized religion. Exercise is a fight against yourself, a never ending resistance where you have to watch every detail in your body that could be hindering you from losing weight and becoming healthier. You have to run, lift weights, and try all these other fancy, bizarre methods to get results. Have you ever tried to be fat or lazy? Effortless! We have to watch and record what we eat, the nutrients, carbs, fat, and other sources of energy. Once we reach the ideal weight and physique, the maintenance is truly heart-breaking, time-consuming, and expensive.

As soon as we take days off, eat a potato chip, or skip a meal, our progress starts to decline, and the fat starts to add. The strength you once had, the muscle and tone/definition on your body, your performance, skills and technique all start to show a noticeable decrease. Humans in their most natural state, if we were to not resist our very nature, is to be lazy, hungry, fat, horny, smelly, and overall disgusting creatures. You can’t take your abs and protein shake to the grave with you, but you can ditch the fat down there when you finally die. Death after a life filled with humiliation and degradation is like cringing forever in your bed sheets, never having to face the world ever again.

Trying to be clean and hygienic is another big one. Don’t shower, brush your teeth, or put on any fragrance or deodorant and let the filthiness that has always been inside you shine. Humans naturally sweat, perspire, stink, and overall decay. If we, especially women didn’t do even half of the stuff they do every day, we would look absolutely rotten from the inside out. To be true to yourself is to be true to your nature. You are not a lion, you are not a wolf, and you are not a beast. You are a putrid human, and will always be the grimy, sloppy, and repulsive creature that you are had it not been for modern technology.

Is What Your Doing Right Now Really Worth It?

Everything that consists of human life, everything we do requires constant attention, work, and reinforcement, causing you to keep doing it for the rest of your life. Leave something as it is for a brief moment, just simply letting it be will cause it to deteriorate almost immediately. The stress, frustration, and inconvenience will eventually just cause our heart and soul to crush. At this point, you can only conclude that the act of failure, and eventually being a failure is all part of human nature, because eventually we all slip, forget, lose interest, or just simply can’t do it anymore.

It is the smart ones who realize the blind stupidity of trying to keep something alive that proves to be delusive. Trying to get back up is a fool’s errand, it is an arrogant man who refuses to accept that he has already wasted so much of his life on something, that it therefore must be true. The one simple truth we can’t come to terms with due to our lack of success is because we know that there is no point in stopping now because then everything we’ve worked so hard for up until this point would have all been for nothing.

Just Give Up

Trying to resist against these things goes against your nature, goes against yourself, and places an unnecessary burden on your shoulders, because what is in your best self-interest is to be selfish. Effort, change, and dedication are all over-rated. We all have to die someday and we can’t stop the inevitable from happening no matter how hard we try, because eventually we all come down with something that will be our downfall no matter how much love and effort is put in. Life itself, living is a laborious, forced, and tiresome task that never gets any easier, just the pain gets worse and worse, making past pain look easier, making it seem like we are getting stronger but really aren’t.

We aren’t headed very far with all this technology and development that is being created, all in order to create ease so we may self-pamper ourselves,  because no matter how far we come on this evolutionary path, humans will always retain these same qualities, and human stupidity and obscenity will never be cured or solved no matter how much time has passed.