Everything you are has been adopted from somebody else.

A fine reason why you are nothing special is because your unique take on life, aptitude, perspective, behavior, fashion, reasoning, nothing you are or what you’re comprised of is of your own creation. Even your goals, dream, ideas, or pursuits is something that has already been talked about and done before. You are not unique because you are just an embodiment of all the bullshit you’ve absorbed throughout your life into one giant collage. Even though the combinations as to which your comprised of might be different and there may never be another creation that has the exact same sequence as you, just like in the pieces of a collage, it will have the same pieces. Seeing that people are all digesting the same material in this world no matter how it is being deciphered, we can only surmise that you and the vast majority of others are basically the same but in different order. Being authentic is something that is out of your reach. As you are experiencing this life you hold on to right now, there are millions upon millions of others just like you, millions more being born, and millions of others soon to come after your gone, you aren’t the first, and you sure as hell aren’t the last.

Not most, but all of us think that to some degree we are unique, different, or special in a way that nobody else can comprehend or emulate.

You think of yourself as clever for being one of the first few to come up with a unique idea, to dress a certain way, to do something that hasn’t been done before, or to put 2 and 2 together. We believe that we are somehow special, having abilities and knowledge that are unique in some way that separates us from the rest of mankind. Something that is given to you by life, uniquely for you, and not for anybody else to understand or experience as fully as you are. The vast majority of you has either been conditioned, brainwashed, or inseminated, causing you to formulate beliefs, ideas, and even values that are you have not even reached through our own conclusions. We finalize and reiterate based on what is of popular belief at that point in time, usually by the media or your peers because you are incapable of actually developing and sticking to the conclusion you yourself stumbled upon (even if it wasn’t your discovery), by taking everything at face value in a piecemeal, and often decontextualized way. The bottom line however, is that a lot of you aren’t forward thinkers or seekers, and are not pivotal to the human race.

Someone else, someone far stronger than you, has pushed you out of your own head and claimed it as their own. That’s not a view you arrived at yourself. That was put in your head by a better man than you. But still an idiot who thinks it matters when you get up, which makes you a puppet who has been controlled by an idiot.

What we pursue, desire, and have an interest in does not come as a fresh idea that just popped inside your mind.

You’ve seen it done before, and you are eager to imitate it. You copy and imitate others all the time, and this in turn leads to trends. You can adjust and tweak it to better suit our needs or style, but we can’t legitimately claim it as our very own creation. This can be seen when people try to be seen as ‘creative’, ‘unique’, ‘weird’, or ‘different’, but it could be because they are confused as to what and who they are. They claim to be so progressive, they have to dress or act in a bizarre fashion on purpose, unnatural to themselves in order to show the world that this is who they are, where they aren’t just seen by others as unique and different, but instead have to advertise to the world going out of their way to portray that image.

People like to be seen as weird, quirky, or different, thinking it’s the new cool. The more bizarre you are and the more backward your logic becomes, your unoriginal typical views, thoughts, or remarks on the world around you makes you more authentic, and true to yourself somehow. We somehow rationalize that changing everything about who we are every couple of months to a few years is being authentic and true to yourself because we can’t just sit down and hold tight to who we are. Maturing and evolving is one thing, changing who you are, whatever that is at this point into something entirely different is another.

The problem with you typical aspiring rebels is that a lot of you in the process of focusing on being just that, end up becoming one of the very same trying to be different, and inevitably what you are trying to do becomes counter-intuitive because now everybody is doing just that with the same similar mode of thought and action.

So in a world where everybody is going out of their way to stand out more, they end up blending right into society among all the other competitors. The concept of individuality and authenticity is lost, and the most common groups of people who fall under this fallacy presently are those who follow trends, whether it comes to getting tattoos, getting absurd haircuts or shoes, to listening to trendy pop music, things that are expendable and just come and go by the dozen with no quality to be held. These things are easily digestible with no meaning because it is just a quick come and go fad. This excessive extravagance along with all its followers comes in wave after wave, and rather than question it, we embrace it like a new religion coming to save us.

The ones who have you by the scrotum know you’ll eventually catch on even with that limited thinking brain of yours, by how stupid and diverging it is. So before you can figure out the trend has reached its lifespan, another one comes to take its place, where the next harvest of “free thinkers” going even more extreme, comes in to take the contemporary scene by storm. The problem is people try really hard to be someone else, or to live a life that they believe they are living, to be something or someone they clearly aren’t. Everyone is just acting, claiming that which isn’t rightfully theirs or to be something only to make themselves look credible all for the namesake of being authentic or unique.

The conclusion is that people like you are easily malleable. You have no fixed identity with no formulations or ideas of your own, making you the two out of every three that walk the face of this earth. You are a just another simpleton who tries to look good. Someone who supports the same nonsense in this society, and believes in the same empty talk people go around spreading. You are just another nodding doll who has nothing new to offer this world. Everything you are comprised of is the problem we are facing today, and your very existence is most submissive and of no consequence.