Why You Are a Pathetic Human Being

They say to appreciate life, you must first appreciate yourself and others around who for what they are, that you must feel good in your own skin and explore deeper connections. Well I would first like to say that one should absolutely feel confident in themselves, but why would you feel good about yourself as you are now? What I mean to say is that people are way too confident for how they turned out, for what they’ve accomplished in life, and what it is they’re doing or aspiring to do. That nothing needs to be changed and they are perfect exactly the way they are.

There is always room for improvement, but rather than make a change, we just accept who it is we are and we stop developing. It is now a crime to disapprove of others who are clearly in the wrong, or to “shame” others for the image they self-imposed. We are now supposed to walk around, ignoring all that is clearly and obviously wrong in this mentally depraved society by suppressing our emotions.  We can no longer express how we feel without hurting other people’s feelings because now, people’s feelings and their feedback to something is the most valuable currency there is.

These sorts of people think of themselves as rebelling against a culture that loves and adores, for example, slim, good looking people. In this article, I will be using fat people as an example as they are the epitome of what I am trying to convey. Now these fat people are trying to tell others that they are fine, if not more so than people who actually are, simply because now the new trend makes people see the undesirable as now desirable. Being bizarre and out of proportion is the new in. Effort, dedication, and devotion to the excellence, integrity, and transcendence of what could be possible for the human race is now highly exaggerated. Sitting back, feeling good about yourself for no apparent reason, other than promoting bullshit positive energy and empowerment tips to abortive and inept people on a blog or a Youtube video is a life well spent.

The biggest consequence to having this kind of mentality is that people lack shame, they don’t feel embarrassed anymore, having such pride and contempt in their own degradation, and the worst is others having an opinion about it. We’re just supposed to throw a parade for these people, and be patient up to the point where nobody gives a fuck any longer about anything because there would be nothing left to salvage. As in my example, people who are fat, angry, and too lazy to make a change about it simply gave up and managed to convince others to do the same, and that they are actually perfect just the way they are, and that the world should just accept it.

Being fat, overconfident, or unsightly isn’t a problem that has anything to do with groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. It is a characteristic of people who made the choice to cater towards their own self-indulgence. People who just sort of dabble at the idea of making a real impact on their life, who hate and envy the people who do put in 120% making a real difference to themselves and to the world. The people who tried, and failed, and are now profiting at their lack of success due to entire enterprises revolving around them.

These types of people see effort as an unnecessary hardship, and are now admired and adored in the media and by the spineless masses who can finally find someone they can relate their waste lives towards, where the people who deserve it receive little, if any appreciation or respect for struggling to make a real difference. While we should never base people off how they look, we shouldn’t have to rewire our brains so that you may feel better about yourself. The world shouldn’t have to change for you, positive change is necessary, however change for your enjoyment and gratification is not. Each and every human on the planet has problems, so what do we do? We work on ourselves and not let it be.

We can relate a shitty person’s external characteristics to how their minds work in relation to their life on the outside, people who could not care enough to take care of themselves, to make a difference in the world around us. After all, it is because brilliant people could not sit by idly and live a second-rate, rinky-dink life, they decided to make an honest change about it. The sub-humans, which is what I like to call them, along with their liberal left-wing companions, just enjoy the benefits others created, simply because they don’t care enough about themselves to make a real impact.

The same sub-humans that are now seen as heroes, being worshiped for being ‘different’ once again, and challenging the status quo that fat people are beautiful too. They are being labelled as everything they aren’t, such as bravery, good role models, or being everyday heroes. I should mention to you people that I am not saying that fat are not good looking people, ugly, undesirable, or are not forward thinkers who haven’t given a lot, to the world or have nothing left to give, or that they are they are spineless as they appear to be, but that the majority of their counterparts are.

Does the world need to change? Yes. Does the world need to change for you? Absolutely not. If we are to truly make a difference, we need to stop creating people who look at themselves and everything as perfectly normal. These are the people who are just in the way and are not capable of positive change. They would rather stay stagnant while the more functional people who see problems and try to troubleshoot it are being put down and being called ‘haters’, simply because they cannot stand by and idly watch as these incompetent, waste human beings, who can’t do anything with real substance but feed their bellies and complain about it, to feed on the worlds resources like the self-reducing people that they are.