We live in a time where people are more than willing to lend a helping hand, that if we’re ever in a rut, we can probably rely on others to have our back, usually. What bothers me most is that I remember no more than a few years back, the same people who preach about modesty, humility, and humbleness once used to be the bullies, homophobes, racists, you name it. This false humility people go around spreading is nothing more than a trend, a way for people to sweet talk others and put on a performance, making themselves feel like they are heroes. The fact that we actually have to tell people to help others, that we even have to encourage unselfishness, compassion, and charity is itself a tragedy, making you not as good of a person as you thought

I believe the vast majority of people in our society often think that they are benefiting the world in some way. Usually by always being fair, giving frequently, and being generous even on a small scale. When people try to do good things, they often feel kingly about it. You are full of yourself whenever you try to do good things, you talk about being humble and tell others to always help people in need and to do the right thing. However, you and those alike are posers who only do good things or give back when you are being seen or recorded doing so. Without a captive audience looking your way, seeing, commenting, waiting for people to look at your actions, you would think twice before you reach inside your pocket or doing that noble deed. I am not saying all people do this, but more often than not this is not the case, and you’ve most likely never served anybody other than for your own gratification. If you ever do decide to do something admirable, it would be for some kind of reward or recognition from it. It could be a favour in return at some future point when you’re in a bind and expect a favour in return or vice versa. It could also be because you want to feel good or special about yourself, about the fact that you had actually done something outside of your self-interest.

A lot of us do good things for others in exchange to feel good about ourselves, making our actions questionable and insincere. If you expect a reward from it, if you seek fulfillment, joy, pleasure for doing so, then your actions aren’t noble. You do the right thing because it is the honest thing to do, no matter the circumstance you are in, no matter how you feel at that particular moment, you do it just because you should as a fellow human being to another.

If you base your actions off your mood, who it is you choose to serve, by how much, or the factors motivating you to be helpful, then that makes you a prideful, self-centered person. You think from time to time how you think form before you could have helped someone, or by coming up with different scenarios in your mind, should an event ever arise when someone needs your help, how you would come to their aide. The worst part comes when you actually feel good about yourself, thinking about the idea you came up with about doing good things for others. The thought and gesture of doing something helpful makes your heart sing, making you actually feel good about yourself for just having that thought. After all, you probably thought that long as you have the idea or intention, whether or not you could have helped them, is the same. To think people you could have been more disappointing, that in your mind you think about doing good and pride yourself in actually having that thought, but in reality you either stumble or shy away from it, or you pick and choose who to help. Where were you when others needed you most, how did you neglect someone in their time of need when you had something to offer them?

Another problem is this false humility people try to wave around. What I mean by false humility is that people go out of there way trying to tell others that they are humble, that they are always serving others, and are down to earth. We shouldn’t have to say what it is we are, we don’t need others telling us either, only you know, and you shouldn’t have to keep a track record of all the good things you’ve done. Go ahead and help someone in need, and take a photo of it while your at it or record a Vlog for Youtube. You could also tweet about it so you look like the hero you’ve always wanted to be, talking about motivation and generosity even though when we do good things for others, it is more about us, then it is about them. There is no longer any self-constraint, humility is now just a hot topic everyone claims to have, whether it’s an inferiority complex or pretentiousness and vanity, people no longer just genuinely gives back to others or helps and acts with a sincere pure heart. It is all about us and how we make ourselves feel at the end of the day, and helping others is really just you helping yourself.

The idea of being a good human being and serving others sounds nice, wanting to be a guide for others to follow, but in reality you only help those who you think are deemed worthy. People who look the part according to what you think is deserving, and cast away others who need it most. You’ve never took the chance to stay around long enough to figure out the nature or beauty of something or someone. You are a beggar, someone who hopes but never does or tries anything different to get to where they want to get. Your future is bleak, and you will never be able to do great or wonderful things in this world based on the type of person you are. Rather than give and help others in private, you publicize your actions, holding your head high and only do great things when you are being observed. You have no integrity or sincere motivation to help others, making you the fake and pretentious person you are today.