In this life we live, it is hard to find and understand ourselves in the things we do, the people or things we love, and our place overall in this world.

I find that most of all, we are unable to understand ourselves because of our nature. More precisely, what I mean by that is people say one thing, but can’t even be conscious of themselves, to recognize how they themselves truly feel. Psychology, a bogus science that studies the behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience, can never decipher the conundrum of human thought and action, making it is easy to steer how one thinks instead of according to a prescribed model.

The problem resides in the fact that we are not these simple patterns that follow a strict set of rules, and our problem is we try to generally map out people and their future because of their past. It is not difficult to have someone believe something that is devoid of truth, and to what we want them to believe. Neither is it hard to fool ourselves, in fact, that is the easiest and most common trait that all people possess, so even if we are conscious of our capacity to fool ourselves, we can also make people believe that this is who we are.

We have different faces/personas for every person and occasion, which is also influenced by the atmosphere or environment one finds themselves in. Which face is truly ours? There is never a default face, because even neutrality is influenced by nothing at all, it just is so, therefore, we have no identity or sense of self, because who we are is just one giant calculation that is always changing every second of every day, and in a split-second, who you were can change forever.

Positive Psychology basically means by having a change in thought and by acting accordingly, we can become happy. In other words, although we are miserable and unfortunate, we can make ourselves believe that we are truly happy, that things will work out, and that we are indeed fortunate to be where we are now. Those oppressed, working dead-end jobs with unfulfilled lives, just being let down by life, fool themselves into believing that they are indeed happy with the finer things in life, and this is a tool those successful or above us use to make people feel how they want them to feel. The prosperous and successful provide illegitimate reasons as to why one should be grateful, appreciative to be the spectacle in the wonders of others, while we work as a slave for the system making the other guy’s dream come true, thinking that we too can one day be the same as them, once from humble beginnings to a life of wonder.

This is why your life has no meaning and nothing really works out for you. There is nothing to be learned from your horrible experiences, after all you are just a body of collected feelings trying to understand and decipher them. By the time you’ve figured it out, you are already formed into the idiot that you are.

Anyone with a thinking brain can plant seeds for us to ‘discover’, giving us something to interpret. It is easy to mess with people’s minds and to delude them. Humans also lead themselves on, overthinking everything, analyzing every aspect of small, meaningless details, creating stories and scenarios in our minds and our hearts with whatever that may be, trying to find association and meaning, especially with others. We play make-believe with these symbolic representations, building it into something it isn’t, blowing it out of proportion. At the end of it all, we are our own downfall, and what we’ve come to know about those closest to us, our leaders and role-models, or that special someone was all a charade. As we get hurt time after time again by these people, this realization causes us to go through life tip-toeing carefully with paranoia and with extreme delicacy until we die carefully into our graves.

Our thoughts help us decipher the world around us. It is because we all have thought, we have no choice but to fall prey to them. It is not that we create thoughts that trap us that make life so depressing and hopeless, but because thoughts in our mind exist, we have no choice but to be trapped by them. That is why everything around us is one giant illusion. We can never really share the same experiences or thoughts we have because our expressions can never really describe how happy or frustrated we are to somebody. We can never quite put our thoughts into words, because the second it comes out of our mouth, it gets deciphered by someone else’s thoughts, and these limits of interpretation is what is keeping us from coming together.

Things sound different in our head than out loud, so when we write, speak, listen, and read, the truest meaning is already lost the moment it comes out as there are dozens of ways to analyze the little details it encompasses. We can only hope to show our true feelings or colors and that others will somehow know, but even when we try to hide our feelings we still let out clues or hints to let others know that we are hurting inside. We keep a very large percentage of who we are in our thoughts. For example, the romantic idea of being in pain and having others constantly showing that they care, deliberately trying to make room for themselves in your life in order to help you.

That because of this remorse and stupefaction, we derive pleasure from this humiliation no matter if we try to kick out those trying to help us out. It is something we all, for some odd reason passionately long for, and the idea itself and having that level of thought and meaning in someone else’s heart is itself heartfelt. How we relay ourselves to the world will always be a misinterpretation, mainly because we expect others to fulfill our fantasies and desires, we want them to save us, without us calling for help, but no one ever coming to the rescue.

Deception exists in every corner of life, we are all suckers as long as we prevail in this world, in the hunt for adventure, loyal friends, different ventures and love, not realizing that everyone we know is just somehow maneuvering around us, distorting our true selves and going along with their clever act.