What is it you want to be remembered for?

I’ve often said that it is easy for people who have wealth, fame, and recognition to tell others that those things are not what matters most in life, and is not where they are going to find their sense of completion. It is easy to tell others something when we ourselves are comfortable, when our bills are paid, our relationship and family life has a strong foothold, and when we are financially and spiritually stable, that these materialistic and trivial things is not a priority. How can these people ever hope to achieve their dreams and help others when they are grovelling on all fours in the bottom of society just barely getting by?

To have a stable life, one needs money, independence, and materialistic possessions such as shelter and transportation, etc, or else how can we ever hope to live a quality life and have a positive impact on others? You owe it to yourself first and foremost, and unfortunately life isn’t a Hollywood movie where one can find happiness and contempt living in the slums eating, eating bread and finding happiness in the unlikeliness of places. In the lens of normal everyday people, one needs to feed their belly, to pay the bills, to look after the family, and to work a hopeless dead end job all in order to survive and try to live life for what it’s worth.

This wealth factor is what people need to seek first and foremost. Forget serving the world, or offering people something they need that our talent or skill could provide. If it is something we can’t sell, if we don’t profit off it somehow, then we really can’t bother with it as we ultimately seek something in return. Who wouldn’t love to follow their dreams and be a hero for once in order to help others? I am certain you would like to figure out your higher purpose and take a chance on faith as well, but that is a gamble and a foolish mistake one should never make. To have faith means to have a high degree of trust in something with absolute certainty that it is so. Confiding in such a thing is no different than hoping something will miraculously come and save you. Faith is a beggar that throws you in the fire. Do you honestly have such faith that you are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world? Really analyze yourself and what you’ve done in your life thus far. Who are you exactly and what are you doing that you think you have what it takes to be remembered for years to come? It is not what you envisioned for yourself, it is not your intention or your dream it is what you are doing right now as of this very second, what you’ve always done before and still are today. Anything and anyone has the potential to be great, it could be 5 minutes from now or it could be a billion years from now, but it doesn’t mean its value remains the same throughout time. The fact remains that as of this moment, you are a waste of breath.

As a child, your parents, teachers, or mentors probably told you that you can be whatever you want to be, and do whatever it is you want to do. So you went into the world while growing up with some skepticism, yet you stood there with your head held high, thinking you are deserving of everything this world has to offer. You take and you consume like the world is yours to own, but never give back. Not just to people but to nature. You do all that is wrong for your own self-interest and not for the future.

You are the world first before you are a man.

We all want to be remembered for and leave a legacy behind for others so we won’t be forgotten. The thing is people will do anything to be remembered. We’re all willing to follow the same formula others have followed or developed. We think that we often travel off the beaten path, but really you’re doing nothing different because it’s all been said and done before. You want to be phenomenal, you want to be great, but all you want is money and recognition for whatever it is you are doing. We make ourselves out to be the kind of person who fights their way through all the hardship, and never gives up on anything. Whether you want to be an athlete, an entrepreneur, a singer, or whatever you set your heart out to be is not going to get done through routine or perseverance. This old mentality of hard work and grinding through is causing nothing but self-affliction and oppression. People who never lost their mind on the job, who never took chances and risked losing everything, people who don’t deserve success, fame, and wealth are getting all that simply because these are the times we are now living in that provide such contempt. All In all, there is no winning at the end of the day, all you can do is hope and pray like a dog that you can one day prosper.

To get to where you want to get, you will have to sell yourself short. Not just once, you will have to get on your knees every now and then and take cum to the face if you want to win. This means constant degradation, sucking up, showing up early and staying later, and sacrificing your life all for something that may never happen at all, something you were promised at a young age or by your mentors. You are promised or almost guaranteed that if you were to follow these guidelines, you will succeed in pursuing your dreams.

The struggle of warfare is all around you, the fight is not only in your mind but it is in your bank account, it is in your fridge, it is in your job, it is in your society and all other aspects that encompass your everyday life. A simple change in thought is powerful, but not powerful enough to replace what is the essential human conduct, or the minds of others. When it comes to success, there is always someone at your heels who can take your place and what it is you have. You are replaceable, forgettable, where you will be lost forever from the memories of people who remembered you for a small moment. The factor that makes you stand out from the rest, that differentiating factor does not come from within. Your why is your reasoning alone, it is not performance based, it is purely your resolve, where the only edge you have is privilege.

I will say this, in life, you not only get hurt or make mistakes, but you make them even more and more as you make them. You cannot fail your way to success, because that is not how life works. If you keep failing, then what is failure? What is disappointment, shame, or regret? If we keep doing an activity or follow something that is of no value or actually diminishes your livelihood, what do you think is going to happen? Take a look at any aspect in your life that you would like to change, now look at how many times you failed at making that change. Now think about how you felt the first time around when you did it, and how you feel about it now after about the hundredth time. Do you see my point? By all means push, experiment, and challenge yourself, but stop looking at failure like it is going to help you. Failure is inevitable, but stop embracing it like it will get you anywhere.

You can keep going one more mile, one more day. After all, only you know when you’re successful, no one else does. Your whole life has been in a perpetual state of comfort, believe it or not we all have. Aside from everyday life stress, you live in the easiest time in all of history. Your life has not prepared you for what you are about to put yourself through, and you will never be ready to take on that challenge.